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Dubbing Types:

Lafontaine's Touch Dubbing-An all synthetic used by Gary Lafontaine for his Sparkle Pupa bodies and many other flies.

UV2 Caddis Nymph Dubbing-A perfect blend of natural rabbit and synthetic fibers all enhanced with UV Fluorescence and UV Reflectance.

UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing-The ultimate dry fly dubbing. Permanently waterproof and enhanced with UV2.

UV2 Seal-X Dubbing-Similar to Pseudo Seal, this is a relatively course dubbing designed for larger Stonefly, Steelhead, Streamer and Saltwater patterns. Blended with UV2 enhancers.

UV2 Dubbing Enhancer-This allow you to mix your own UV2 dubbing with other produces.  It is suggested that you use LIGHT Enhancers for light color dubbings and DARK for your darker dubbings.

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