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Popper & Slider Bodies


Surface Seducer DOUBLE BARREL Popper & Slider Bodies:

Please refer to chart below for package quantities, hook sizes, shank sizes & eye sizes.

Tie irresistible effective freshwater and/or saltwater poppers and sliders.

  • Smooth, strong popper skin: Clear coat it, paint it, or keep it simple & fish it as is.
  • Deep cup & extended top lip: Effortlessly trigger powerful, doulble-barreled popper blasts, or hide excess slider materials.
  • Recessed eye sockets: Securely embed eyes in the body for a durable, buggy fly.


Sm.             8               #6           -         3 mm

Med.           8               #2           -         4 mm

Lrg.             6          2/0 - 4/0  28 mm    6 mm

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